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How does the variable frequency air compressor save electricity?

2021-04-23 00:00:00

How does the variable frequency air compressor save electricity?

As one of the main power sources of modern industry, air compressors have been closely related to people's production and life. With the development of modern industrialization and the progress of science and technology, users' requirements for compressed air quality are constantly increasing and diversifying. With its own advantages, the frequency conversion screw unit is more favored by users. So, what are the outstanding features of the frequency conversion screw machine?

Nowadays, inverter air compressors are used in all walks of life, so how can the inverter air compressors save energy? Many users don't know.

Because the variable frequency air compressor can keep the pressure stable, it can reduce to no pressure swing difference, so that the air compressor system runs at a lower pressure that meets the production requirements, so that the air compressor reduces the power loss caused by the upward pressure swing.

The general air compressor cannot rule out the possibility of running at full load for a long time, so the capacity of the motor can only be determined according to the large demand of the motor, so the planned capacity is generally too large. In no-load operation, its proportion is actually quite large. But the frequency conversion air compressor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which can greatly improve its operating efficiency. Therefore, the potential for energy saving is huge.

When the demand is small, the speed of the motor can be reduced, the running power of the motor can be reduced, and the energy saving of the motor can be further realized.

Air compressor host configuration.

1. The adopted 5:6 tooth type is the best type screw main engine in Germany, with high compression efficiency.

2. Imported air intake valve can be automatically adjusted to reduce loss and save a lot of energy.

3. The customized special motor is safe and reliable, and the work efficiency is high.

4. Computer fully automatic control system and fully automatic loading, unloading and adjustment functions, quality is guaranteed.

2. Sound absorption effect

Fully enclosed mute box design with sound-absorbing foam inside.

It can effectively absorb noise, which is 3~5db(A) lower than similar noise. The frequency conversion air compressor has a reasonable overall structure layout and is extremely convenient for maintenance.


Three, energy saving

The frequency conversion screw can accurately meet the user's requirements for air. When the air flow drops, the air compressor discharge volume is correspondingly reduced, the motor speed is reduced, and the load is reduced at the same time. The energy consumption is reduced in the same proportion, and the energy saving is effective. The average energy saving can reach more than 15%.

Compared with the traditional air compressor, the frequency conversion screw compressor has more advantages. Under the same power, the traditional air compressor has a larger air output, while the frequency conversion screw compressor can intelligently select the corresponding air volume according to the user's air demand , So as to reduce the waste of resources and achieve effective energy saving.

1. The frequency conversion air compressor should not be placed next to flammable, explosive and chemically corrosive materials.

2. The indoor temperature of the air compressor room must be kept above 5°C before the air compressor can start running;

3. Before starting the machine, it must be confirmed that the outlet valve of the dryer is in the open state. Check whether the safety interlocks of temperature, pressure, pressure difference loading and unloading solenoid valve, motor overcurrent, undervoltage, etc. are qualified.

4. Before starting the equipment, check whether the oil level in the unit is higher than the normal level scale 15 (note that when the equipment is running, it is normal for the cooling oil level to be between 3-17; if the value is too low, it indicates the cooling level Between 15-17. Add cooling oil within the specified range immediately to prevent high temperature failure due to insufficient oil.

5. If the equipment is abnormal during operation, it should be checked and repaired in time to ensure that there is no fault before it can be used. If the equipment has not been used for a long time, remove the air inlet control valve before starting the machine, add an appropriate amount of cooling oil of the same brand from the air inlet of the main engine, and then turn the compressor by hand for several revolutions.


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