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The frequency conversion screw air compressor introduces the daily maintenance and maintenance of the air storage tank

2020-11-17 00:00:00

The use and maintenance of the gas storage tank specifications of the frequency conversion screw air compressor is very skillful. If the maintenance is not performed properly, it may cause unpredictable problems such as low gas quality and hidden dangers. Therefore, remind everyone to store gas frequently Do some proper maintenance and upkeep of the tank.

Carry out annual inspections in accordance with the prescribed time. For the safe use of pressure vessels, please keep this in mind. Maintenance personnel or designated operators shall drain the gas tank specifications at least once a day. Always check whether the pressure relief valve on the top of the pressure vessel gas storage tank is normal, and always pay attention to the value and position of the pressure gauge of the gas storage tank. The normal pressure gauge position is in the "0" state when the pressure is released. , Observe the air intake process, whether the pipeline and the tank body of the gas storage tank are leaking, until the working pressure is reached.


Check whether there are corrosive gases and fluids around the gas storage tank every day, and check the pressure gauge indication value every day. When it is found that the pressure pointer of the gas storage tank is abnormal (that is, the gas storage tank pressure gauge fails), it should be replaced if it fails; The working pressure should be lower than the larger working pressure of the gas storage tank. If the pressure of the gas storage tank is higher than the larger working pressure, the safety valve of the gas storage tank should be opened automatically, otherwise, the air intake should be stopped immediately and repaired.

Check the air tightness of the air pressure pipeline of the gas storage tank. If there is any gas leakage, it should be repaired in time. Check whether the gas storage tank body is rusted or damaged and repair it in time. Check whether the welding seam of the gas storage tank is firm and Whether the sealing ring is aging, check the pressure gauge and safety valve of the air storage tank every year. Although the quality of the air storage tank is reliable and durable, in order to reduce the occurrence of accidents, it is still necessary to pay attention to the status of the air compressor tank , At the same time, conduct annual inspections every year in accordance with the requirements to avoid accidents.

When the gas storage tank presents an excessively high pressure, you should first check whether the setting of the unloading pressure is appropriate, and the unloading pressure of the gas storage tank should be less than the additional operating pressure. The air storage tank device secondly checks whether the intake valve is normally closed when the air demand is small. If not, it should be adjusted in time so that the intake valve can be opened and closed normally.

Check the exhaust valve and solenoid valve, and the gas storage tank device to investigate whether it is operating normally and discharge the pressure of the gas storage tank. If problems are found, they should be adjusted in time, and replaced if necessary. Incidents caused by excessive pressure are also emerging in an endless stream. When selecting the leading brand gas storage tanks in the industry, it is also necessary to conduct inspection and protection operations to find and solve problems in a timely manner.


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