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Height requirements for screw air compressor installation

2020-11-17 00:00:00

There are certain requirements for the installation height of screw air compressors. Here are the main issues that need to be considered. First of all, heat dissipation. Most companies use air-cooled air compressors, and the normal mark should be kept above 50 cm. Distance, followed by maintenance and repair issues. The use of air compressors will definitely involve both maintenance and repair issues. If the installation location is not good, later maintenance will be more troublesome, which will virtually increase the cost of use. Talk about safety issues. The high-pressure airflow of the air compressor and the gas storage tank may cause certain dangers if used improperly.


This issue also needs to be considered during installation. In addition to these factors, what are the requirements for the installation height of the air compressor? The editor of the screw air compressor manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Clearance requirements for the connecting pipelines between the import and export and the ground;

2. The connection height requirements of the inlet and outlet connecting pipelines and the pipelines on the pipe gallery;

3. The installation height and size requirements of the filter on the suction pipe;

Fourth, in order to reduce vibration, the installation height of the reciprocating compressor should be lowered.

These parameters need to be changed in combination with the equipment size, parameters and other data. Not all air compressors are installed at the same height. The end user installs under the guidance of the manufacturer.


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