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Screw air compressor manufacturers tell you the selection requirements for the size of the air compressor

2020-11-17 00:00:00

Many screw air compressor users often encounter a problem when selecting an air compressor: How about choosing a large air compressor? Or choose multiple small sets together? The following variable-frequency screw air compressor manufacturers will give the majority of air compressor users a specific analysis.


The first thing to consider is:

1. How big is the use environment of the air compressor, and how big is the site for installing the air compressor;

2. What is the gas circulation situation within 24 hours, and whether the gas usage is different for each shift;

3. How much cost will be incurred when production stops due to the shutdown of the air compressor;

4. How much power can the power supply equipment supply without causing intolerable voltage loss;

5. Whether to consider adding gas equipment in the next few years;

In consideration of economy and ensuring air supply, several air compressors can be used for air supply. In many cases, it is sufficient to divide the required volumetric flow into two. Once an air compressor stops unexpectedly, another 50% of the flow is available for emergency use to supply air to important production departments.

If the continuous production of the enterprise is critical, three air compressors with 50% gas supply can be considered. In this way, there is always an air compressor as a spare, and routine maintenance work can also be carried out without causing production losses.


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