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The replacement cycle of screw compressor coolant is so large

2021-04-16 00:00:00

The replacement cycle of screw compressor coolant is so large

How much coolant should be replaced for screw air compressors? This problem has been plagued by many users. Let’s talk about it today. In general, the new air compressor is replaced with a new air compressor coolant after 500 hours of use for the first time, 1000 hours for the second use, and 2000 hours for the third time. Special attention is that when the compressor is not running continuously, the oil must be changed immediately.

1. Factors affecting the replacement cycle of compressor coolant:

1. Poor ventilation and high ambient temperature;

2. The relative humidity of the environment is high

3. There is a lot of dust in the environment.

2. Replacement steps of air compressor coolant:

1. Run the compressor for a short time to increase the oil temperature and reduce the oil viscosity, which is beneficial to discharge

2. Press the stop button to shut down;

3. When the pressure in the oil and gas barrel is 0.1mpa, open the drain valve. Due to the pressure, the oil drain speed is very fast and easy to spray. Please open slowly to avoid oil splashing. After the lubricating oil is drained, close the drain valve. Note: All lubricating oil in the system must be drained, including pipes, coolers, oil drums, etc.


3. Precautions for the replacement and use of the coolant of the screw air compressor.

1. Open the filler plug and inject new coolant.

Precautions for the use of air compressor coolant:

2. Don't let the coolant exceed the life of the oil. If the oil is not replaced on time, the quality of the oil will decrease, poor lubrication, and the life of the bearing will decrease. While it is easy to cause high-temperature shutdown, the flash point of the oil product drops, and the spontaneous combustion of the oil product can easily cause the combustion of the compressor.

3. After the air compressor has been used for 2 years, use the coolant system to clean and replace the new lubricating oil. After running the air compressor for 6 to 8 hours, immediately change the coolant again to thoroughly clean the remaining organic components in the original system , The replacement coolant has a long life.


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