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Maintenance guide for inverter air compressor

2020-11-17 00:00:00

The following inverter air compressor manufacturers will introduce the maintenance guide for the air compressor

Daily maintenance items

1. Check the air filter element and coolant level;

2. Check the hose and all pipe joints for leaks;

3. Check the records, if the consumable parts have reached the replacement cycle, they must be stopped for replacement;

4. Check the records. When the exhaust temperature of the main engine reaches or approaches 98°C, the oil cooler must be cleaned;

5. Check the records, if it is found that the separator pressure difference reaches 0.6BAR or more (1BAR) or the pressure difference begins to decrease, stop and replace the separation core;

6. Check the condensate discharge. If the discharge is too small or there is no condensate discharge, shut down and clean the water separator.


Monthly maintenance items

1. Check the surface of the oil cooler and clean it if necessary;

2. Cooler after cleaning;

3. Clean the water separator;

4. Check the connection of all wires and tighten them;

5. Check the contacts of the AC contactor;

6. Clean the dust on the surface of the motor suction port and the surface of the shell;

7. Clean the oil return filter.

Quarterly maintenance items

1. Fill the main motor with grease;

2. Clean the main motor and fan motor;

3. Replace the coolant;

4. Replace the oil filter element;

5. Clean the oil cooler


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