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Specific implementation plan for energy saving and environmental protection of silent oil-free air compressor

2020-11-27 00:00:00

The entire industrial development is pursuing energy conservation and environmental protection. Naturally, our silent oil-free air compressors cannot be left out. So what do we need to do for energy conservation and environmental protection of air compressors?


We need to understand where the pollution from oil-free air compressors can exist. For it, one is noise pollution, and the other is pollution caused by the discharge of cooling circulating water. Knowing the root of the problem, we know what to do next.

First is noise pollution. In response to this, we can reduce the harm of noise to our human body by installing double-glazed glass and sealed doors between the computer room and the duty room. At the same time, you can also install sound-absorbing devices in the oil-free air compressor room to prevent noise from leaking out.

After talking about environmental protection, let's talk about energy saving. The air compressor itself is a high-energy-consuming equipment, so if its energy-saving work is done well, it will greatly reduce production costs and increase economic benefits for enterprises. We must pay attention to it. If it is a fixed frequency air compressor, we can achieve relative energy saving through management, for example, after the pressure reaches a certain level, first reduce the pressure of the air supply pipeline. For our production enterprises, it can be achieved by adding frequency conversion devices through technical means.


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