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Talking about the significance of the post-processing equipment of the frequency conversion screw air compressor

2020-11-27 00:00:00

Compressed air is obtained by compressing the air through an air compressor, so that it contains a certain pressure, and is used by the gas equipment in the production of various industries. However, the air compressor itself does not have the functions of filtering, drying, etc., so the compressed air directly discharged from the air compressor contains a lot of impurities, mainly composed of water, oil and particulate impurities.


If it is used directly without treatment and purification, the impurities in the compressed air will cause great harm to the components in the system, increase the maintenance cost of the equipment, shorten the service life, and even cause harm to the gas equipment and products in serious cases. .

At the same time, the compressed air contains water with relative humidity. As it cools in the pipeline, its water will be precipitated. In the compressed air system, if there is water, it will bring many disadvantages to the compressed air system: The working efficiency of air compressors is reduced, and production may be interrupted; operating costs and maintenance costs are increased, and maintenance costs for solenoid valves, cylinders, instruments and other components will rise; for companies with high quality gas, such as food and pharmaceuticals , Painting, electronic, pneumatic control systems, etc. If the compressed air contains high water content, it will directly affect the quality of the product.

Therefore, it is necessary to use the screw air compressor to configure the corresponding post-treatment purification equipment. The post-processing purification equipment of the screw air compressor is mainly composed of a (precision) filter, a gas storage tank, and a (adsorption or refrigeration) dryer to form a complete system. 


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