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What should you pay attention to when buying a screw air compressor

2020-11-27 00:00:00

When choosing to purchase a screw air compressor, several parameters need to be evaluated to ensure that the selection is more suitable. The following variable frequency screw air compressor manufacturers will pay attention to the following points when purchasing a screw air compressor.


1. Compressed air quality

According to the requirements of the industry's gas equipment for compressor gas, screw air compressors and ancillary equipment should be purchased appropriately.

The following points need to be considered:

1) To reduce the oil content in the compressed gas, a degreasing purifier can be used. If the treatment index is high, multi-stage treatment can be selected.

2) To reduce the water content in the compressed gas, a complete set of water removal equipment can be used.

2. Exhaust pressure

The higher the discharge pressure of the compressor, the more energy it consumes. The sum of the operating pressure, pipeline resistance loss and the pressure drop of the supporting equipment is set as the lower limit of the rated exhaust pressure of the screw air compressor. In general, the diameter of the gas pipeline should be selected larger. In order to reduce the resistance loss, to achieve the purpose of long-term operation and reduce energy consumption. The higher the discharge pressure of the compressor, the more energy it consumes. So don’t use a compressor with a high discharge pressure

3. Displacement

Calculate the actual total gas consumption ╳ 1.1-1.2 coefficient. As the model of the selected exhaust volume, if the selected model is too low, it will not reach the specified value of the gas equipment, and if the selected value is too large, it will cause large load shedding energy consumption and reduce Uneconomical operation of the load. At the same time, the purchase cost of purchasing a large displacement screw air compressor is higher.

Combining the three screw air compressors that need to be considered when purchasing, and then combined with the actual use of the company itself, generally you can choose a suitable one.


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