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Selection criteria for frequency conversion air compressor

2020-11-17 00:00:00

Selection criteria for frequency conversion air compressor


1. Stability: With the strong rise of China’s economy and the continuous emancipation of various manufacturers’ minds, manufacturers around the world are busy with production. In the process of production, air compressors that play an important role are often Fully loaded and running around the clock. When the factory is in full production, the variable frequency air compressor produces unstable gas. This is a very troublesome thing and often brings incalculable losses. So when we purchase an air compressor, the standard is the stability of the air compressor. At present, some domestic and foreign brands can meet this requirement. With the maturity of the frequency conversion air compressor technology, it can be said that this requirement can be met.

2. Power consumption: This is a relatively important place and the focus of discussion, because the basic equipment of air compressors is generally operated around the clock, and the air compressor itself is a very power-consuming equipment. Generally, manufacturers, The power consumption of air compressors accounts for 20%-30% of the power consumption of the whole plant. If effective control, then its effect is very obvious. Nowadays, many domestic companies mostly pursue the reserve price. In fact, the reserve price is relatively one-sided. For general manufacturers, the purchase price of air compressors only accounts for 5% of the overall cost of air compressors, maintenance and labor costs account for 9%, and electricity costs are as high as 86% of the total cost. Therefore, considering the final expenditure, the frequency conversion air compressor is much lower than the ordinary air compressor. The frequency conversion air compressor is just one investment, but if you take the electricity bill into account, you can really calculate an account. At present, the general energy saving of variable frequency air compressors is very objective, and the domestic professional variable frequency air compressors have a power saving rate of as high as 30%, and the difference can usually be recovered within one year. Therefore, when choosing an air compressor, choosing a good frequency conversion air compressor is indeed a good solution to the problem of power consumption.

3. After-sales service: Of course, service is also a consideration. After all, there is no problem with the machine, and no one knows it. This is like buying electronic products or buying mobile phones. You always have to buy a reliable one before you can rest assured. This factor is now More and more attention. In production, the failure of the air compressor can not be solved in time can bring you a lot of troubles. At present, the service level of various air compressor manufacturers is uneven, so we must look for some air compressors with higher service standards.


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