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Medium and high pressure screw air compressor for laser industry

2020-11-17 00:00:00

The laser cutting machine is a new type of cutting technology that uses beam cutting. This kind of cut objects have higher precision. But when the laser cutting machine is used, auxiliary gas is often used.

Common auxiliary gas for laser cutting

The auxiliary gases commonly used by the light cutting machine in the processing of products are: air, oxygen, and nitrogen. Among these three gases, air is low in cost and saves money. If you use oxygen and nitrogen for cutting, you need to go to a special gas station to buy that kind of bottled liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. Generally, the gas compressed by an air compressor is used as an auxiliary gas.


The working principle of screw machine in laser cutting

The compressed air used in the laser cutting industry must be fully treated to remove water and oil. Clean compressed air is beneficial to the stable operation of the fiber laser cutting machine; if the compressed air is not clean, it will easily cause the machine to protect the lens with oil, water or Dirty matter, which makes the optical path of the fiber laser cutting machine deviate or sometimes fails to cut through during the cutting process.

The compressed air discharged from the air compressor passes through the air storage tank and the oil remover, and then passes through a freeze dryer and a four-stage precision filter. A set of sophisticated processing system (laser cutting machine above 4000W is recommended to install an adsorption dryer to remove water ), it becomes a clean and dry gas, divided into three paths, a part of the compressed air, high-purity oxygen and high-purity nitrogen form the cutting gas and supply it to the cutting head. One part is used as a power source to supply the cylinder of the clamping table, and the latter part is used to purge and remove dust from the optical system.

Selection of laser cutting screw machine

The choice of pressure and flow rate, pressure and flow rate are different for each laser cutting machine manufacturer, which is inseparable from the size of the cutting nozzle and the thickness of the cutting material. The thickness of the article to be cut has a great relationship with the choice of gas pressure. When the gas pressure is too small, the plate is easy to slag when cutting, and the gas pressure is too large, and the stability of the plate and equipment is difficult to guarantee. Generally, laser cutting machines often choose screw air compressors with a pressure of 1.3mpa or 1.6mpa. Many laser cutting machines require air pressure not less than 1.3mpa, so it is more reasonable to choose a screw compressor with a pressure of 1.5 or 1.6mpa.

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