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10 tips to teach you to solve the problem of high oil content in compressed air in screw air compressors

2021-05-19 00:00:00

10 tips to teach you to solve the problem of high oil content in compressed air in screw air compressors.

The compressed air of the screw air compressor contains a lot of oil. This is the oil running problem of the air compressor. There are many reasons for the oil running of the air compressor, which makes users headache. Let me share with you the reasons for the running oil of the air compressor. And the solution:

1. The screw is filled with too much oil and the liquid level exceeds the upper limit, resulting in the deterioration of the initial separation effect of the oil separation barrel. The oil content in the compressed air through the oil separation core increases, which exceeds the oil content in the oil separation treatment and the oil return pipe, making the refined oil content The amount increases.

Disposal: Check the oil level when parked to ensure that the oil level is between the upper and lower scales in the parking state.

2. The screw oil is not good, the defoaming property is poor, the foam is too much, and the foam enters the oil separation core, causing the oil content to increase after the fine separation.

Disposal method: replace the lubricating oil

3. The mixed use of different brands of engine oil will cause the engine oil to deteriorate or gel, causing the oil core to be blocked and deformed, and the oily compressed air is directly discharged.

Disposal method: replace the oil separation core, replace the engine oil, clean the oil circuit, use the manufacturer's original auxiliary materials and engine oil.

4. The use frequency is low, the exhaust temperature is not adjusted properly, the cooling water flow of the water cooler is too large, so that the exhaust temperature is lower than the pressure dew point temperature, causing saturated water vapor to condense into liquid water after air compression, and precipitate in the oil, and the liquid level Rise and flow through the oil. Long-term use will also cause internal corrosion, and the rotor bearings will wear out due to loss of lubrication, or even be scrapped.

Solution: ①When there is only a small amount of condensed water in the problem oil drum in the early stage, drain the condensed water first, and then increase the exhaust temperature. If there is too much water, you need to change the oil, filter material and engine oil at the same time. ③If the rotor wing is rusty, and there are abnormal noises and vibrations, the rotor head should also be repaired. Be careful! Since the pressure dew point temperature varies with the exhaust volume, temperature, and humidity, it has been set at the factory. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer's after-sales service personnel before setting.

5. The air pipeline is improperly installed. After the shutdown, the condensed water in the pipeline returns to the air compressor, and the valve core of the small pressure valve is blocked by bubble water. After the air seal fails, the condensate in the pipeline enters the oil separator barrel and the liquid level rises. And the oil is leaking.

Disposal method: ①Consult professional manufacturer's after-sales service personnel to improve the air duct. b Refer to Article 4①②③ to deal with.

6. Oil return pipeline: poor installation, internal leakage, insufficient length of the return pipeline, the return pipeline is not in the middle position, the return pipeline is blocked, and the return one-way valve is poorly sealed, causing the oil to be unable to return after the oil is treated, and it is discharged with the compressed air.

Disposal: Check the oil return pipe and check valve, adjust or replace it.

7. Improper selection, air leakage in the pipeline, more air-consuming equipment, and the air consumption of the air compressor far exceed the rated discharge, which reduces the exhaust pressure. When the pressure drops, the flow rate of the compressed air increases with the pressure drop (after the pressure drops, the exhaust volume is basically unchanged, the oil filter area remains unchanged, and the compressed air volume increases); when the pressure drops, the oil mist blocking speed increases. Faster, the worse the oil mist blocking effect, the higher the oil content of the compressed air.

Disposal method: ① Fully understand the gas consumption when selecting, and leave an appropriate space for expansion. Check and plug the leaks of gas supply pipelines and gas equipment. c Increase the air compressor.

8. The pressure valve is faulty, the spring is aging and slow, the opening pressure is lower than the design pressure, the opening pressure of the intake valve is insufficient, and the air supply time becomes slow. During this period, the pressure rises from start to 5.5 bar (here, the conventional pressure is taken as an example) , The same problem of oil leakage caused by low exhaust pressure described in Article 7 will occur.


Operation method: check the low pressure valve, adjust the spring stroke and replace it as needed.

9. Oil content problem: Inferior oil separation core is used during maintenance, and the separation effect is poor; the mismatched oil separation core is used, such as the wrong type, and the low pressure machine uses the normal pressure oil separation core, such as the wrong size and the wrong length. ②Air filter problem: the use of inferior air filter element causes oil segregation blockage; ③The spot inspection and maintenance are not in place, the air filter element is clogged or the intake hose is damaged, causing oil segregation blockage and oil loss.

Disposal methods: ①It is recommended to use the original factory for maintenance; ②Perform daily inspection and maintenance according to the requirements of the user manual.

Post-processing problem: improper configuration of the precision filter or too long use.

Disposal method: ①Select the appropriate precision filter element; ②Replace the precision filter element in time.

Reminding the correct use and timely inspection and maintenance is the basis to ensure the normal use of the equipment. The manufacturer not only provides authentic consumables and accessories, but also provides professional and timely selection, inspection and maintenance and other consulting and services.


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