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How to maintain the air compressor in winter?

2021-05-11 00:00:00

How to maintain the air compressor in winter?

To some extent, air compressors are similar to people. For example, if people don’t pay attention to changes in the environment every year, people are prone to get sick. Therefore, prevent flu in spring, heatstroke in summer, and severe cold in winter; while air compressors are prone to malfunction if they do not pay attention to protection during the season. Anti-humidity and moisture-proof before the rainy season, high temperature before and after the three-volt, anti-frost in winter

Winter is coming, the weather is getting colder and colder, and the temperature is getting lower and lower. Most areas in the north must take some cold-proof measures for air compressors. How to make the air compressor survive the cold winter stably and safely requires the user to master some skills. The article briefly discusses three aspects of environment, operation and maintenance.

First, if conditions permit, you can put the air compressor indoors or build a temporary tent in winter. This will not only prevent the temperature from being too low, but also improve the air quality at the air compressor inlet and make the air pressure The temperature in the computer room is kept above zero.

Second, pay attention to keeping the environment clean, in particular, there should be no water around the equipment and on the ground of the station building, so as to avoid ice and slippage, which may cause the operator to fall and be injured.

Before using the air compressor, open the side cover and observe whether the oil thickens or freezes. If it is, the oil must be heated first. Even if the oil does not freeze, when the unit is turned on in winter, the oil viscosity of each lubricating part of the unit is relatively high, and the voltage of some outdoor working places is relatively low, which easily makes it relatively difficult to start when it is just turned on. The usual method is to set the unit for 2-3 turns, point-type air compressor 3-4 times, and load the air compressor after running for a period of time. After the air compressor is working normally, a multimeter can be used to measure the current condition of its working. Generally, the rated current of the motor is within 5%. If it exceeds 10%, the unit has a problem or the voltage is low. It should be shut down for inspection. Otherwise, the motor will easily heat up and burn out, as well as waste electrical energy. An important reason for this phenomenon is that the oil starts to block.


In winter, attention must be paid to venting all gas, sewage and water, and venting the water, gas, and oil in various pipelines and air bags. Because the temperature of the unit is high during operation in winter, the air cooling will produce a large amount of condensed water after it is shut down due to the low outside temperature. There are various control pipes, intercoolers and inside the air bag, which may easily cause blockage of control pipes and intercoolers. Hidden dangers such as blockage and air bag swelling and cracking.

At the same time, after cold air enters the air compressor, a large amount of water vapor will be generated when heated, which will increase the burden of air compressor post-processing, so the water in the post-processing equipment needs to be drained frequently.

Compressors enter the production area through pipelines for users to use, some of which are buried in the ground and others are erected in the air. In cold weather, some moisture may be generated due to the low temperature, and some may even increase in moisture, which will affect the normal use of users to a certain extent.

For example, in the laser cutting machine industry, if the compressed air contains high oil and water content, it will affect the cutting accuracy of the cutting machine. The wet air compressor compresses air. In the mining industry, it may not affect the normal use of pneumatic tools, but it will affect the strength of the pneumatic tools during operation.

Therefore, when off work in winter or when equipment is shut down, drain valves such as pipelines, gas storage tanks, dryers, etc. should be opened thoroughly, and the condensate should be drained before closing the valves.


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