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How to prevent the failure of the air storage tank of the screw air compressor?

2021-04-02 00:00:00

How to prevent the failure of the air storage tank of the screw air compressor?

The air filter of a screw air compressor has a more direct impact on the quality of the compressed air of the air compressor: imagine if the air compressed by the air compressor does not pass through the air filter, then a lot of dust will stay in the body If there is no air filter of an air compressor, various particles and dust will quickly enter the piston and cylinder. This situation is particularly serious in a dry environment. The air filter of the spiral air compressor also has the same effect. After speaking, everyone must be clear that if the air filter element of the air compressor has not been maintained or replaced for a long time, the consequences are very serious. Today, the spiral air compressor is expanded. Let me tell you how to maintain the air filter element of the spiral air compressor.

do you know? The screw air compressor may malfunction, and the air storage tank may also malfunction. So, is there any way we can prevent these malfunctions? Please follow the footsteps of our Debon Energy Conservation Technology to find out together.

Before starting to use, first check whether the indicators of the gas storage tank are normal, and secondly check whether the gas storage tank has abnormal noises during operation. If there are other sounds, stop using it immediately and ask professionals to check and deal with it.

After the daily operation, clean the gas storage tank and nearby areas to avoid affecting the normal use of the gas storage tank, and record data changes.


Before the variable frequency screw air compressor is started up and running, the screw air compressor must be carefully checked for leaks.

The air storage tank of the screw air compressor should be placed in a well-ventilated place, and a special radiator should be installed when necessary to ensure its service life. At the same time, we need to clean it at least once a month, and clean the radiator and other parts at least once every two months. Only in this way can the heat dissipation effect be guaranteed.

When starting, we should observe whether the oil level of the gas storage tank has dropped at regular intervals. The gas storage tank can only be used when the temperature is normal.

After dismantling, carefully inspect the surrounding area of the old air filter element. If the surface of the filter element is severely damaged or there is a little oil on the upper part, it needs to be replaced immediately. If you don’t need to replace it, it is recommended to blow soot at a pressure of 0.3 MPa at this time. Be careful not to blow up with your mouth or use other professional tools. It is recommended that you use compressed air, so that you can blow the screw in all directions and without omission. Purge the inside and outside of the air filter element of the air compressor;


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