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What are the precautions for the use of screw air compressors?

2021-03-25 00:00:00

What are the precautions for the use of screw air compressors?

Generally speaking, you can check whether the intake valve is working normally or whether the pressure sensor is normal. In fact, the screw air compressor is a bit like a car. If it is well maintained, its working life will be very long, and it is even less likely to fail. In many cases, the screw air compressor is mostly caused by improper maintenance or improper methods.

The precautions for the use of variable frequency screw air compressors, the following editor will introduce you.

1. The screw air compressor can only pressurize the gas, and no other gas can be pressurized.

2. Keep the housing of the screw air compressor clean and free of any pollutants during use;

3. The place of use should be kept clean, if it is too dirty, it is not good;

4. It is recommended to use screw air compressor indoors, because it cannot withstand wind and rain, is not suitable for working in damp and cold places, and is not suitable for working in dusty places. I hope everyone can understand;

5. Assuming that there are flammable and explosive gases around, screw air compressors cannot be used at this time;

6. Everyone should store the screw air compressor properly. When not in use at ordinary times, everyone should clean up the gas and water in the screw air compressor, and then store it in a dry place;

7. In the case of operating the screw air compressor, the voltage must be stable, and it cannot be operated under load, so that the operating effect of the screw air compressor can be ensured;

8. Protective measures should be taken at the power supply of the screw air compressor to prevent wear from contact with sharp objects;

9. Do not let children or other irrelevant persons approach the screw air compressor to prevent damage to the human body;

10. Take anti-theft measures to prevent the body from coming into contact with the power supply, and accidents occur when placing personnel;

11. When the voltage is unstable, do not start the screw air compressor and prohibit the use of overpressure;

12. When reassembling the accessories of the screw air compressor, you must choose genuine and genuine accessories;


Whether the air contains excessive oily substances is crucial for companies that are highly concerned about air quality. And there are many reasons for this problem. There are six main reasons. One is the high oil and gas content, the second is the oil return pipe filter or the orifice is blocked, the third is the oil and gas separation core is damaged, and the fourth is the air compressor. Oil leakage in the oil control system. Fifth, the air compressor produces too low pressure, six is insufficient oil supply, seven is insufficient oil supply, eight is excessive lubricating oil foam in screw air compressors, and nine is insufficient oil supply.


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