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What factors affect the price of variable frequency air compressors?

2020-11-17 00:00:00

Why is the price of variable frequency screw air compressors high and low, the high can reach hundreds of thousands and the low can be as low as several thousand or several hundred dollars? How do companies choose the correct air compressor? The following screw air compressor manufacturers are small Let's make a brief analysis for everyone from the brand, model, power and other factors of the air compressor


Let’s start with the brand. I believe that many industrial companies who are responsible for purchasing air compressors know some of the big foreign brands such as Atlas, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, but their air compressors are very expensive. . why?

Because of quality.

Although the quality is good and can be used for a long time, the expensive price is unaffordable for some small and medium-sized enterprises. Only some large enterprises will adopt these foreign first-line brand air compressors.

Presumably, the person responsible for the purchase of the company will have a question. When the two manufacturers ask about the same specifications and the same power, the prices are quite different. This is related to the material used in the production of air compressors.

Another situation: the same material is used, and the power of the main engine is the same, but the price is also quite different. This is caused by the different technical parameters of the main engine of different air compressor manufacturers. The performance of air compressors from different manufacturers is different. Some manufacturers can achieve second-level energy efficiency for air compressors, while those developed by some manufacturers can achieve first-level energy efficiency. The better the energy-saving effect, the price will of course be much higher than the price of ordinary air compressors.


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