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What are the advantages of screw air compressors

2020-11-27 00:00:00

The screw air compressor adopts a preset screw air compressor, single power connection, compressed air connection, and built-in cooling system, which greatly simplifies the installation work. With its efficiency, maintenance-free and high reliability, screw air compressors consistently provide high-quality compressed air for all walks of life.

The screw air compressor is pre-configured with a single power connection and compressed air connection, as well as a built-in cooling system to simplify installation. The screw compression component in the screw air compressor is manufactured in-house using a CNC grinder and is equipped with online laser technology to ensure manufacturing tolerances.

Its reliability and performance ensure that the operating cost of the compressor during the entire compressor life is extremely low. Adjustable compressor, integrated compressor and desiccant series are all new products of L/LS series compressors.


The screw air compressor adopts large-capacity compression components, the rotor outer ring speed is small, the oil injection effect is good, the efficiency is high, and the reliability is high. Very low system temperature and compressed air temperature. All components achieve cooling and service life.

Screw air compressor has the advantages of high stability, high efficiency, low vibration and low noise. Set the fit between the female and yang rotor and the rotor and the shell, so that the gas return leakage is less, there is no gap volume, and the efficiency is high. The injected lubricant has sealing, cooling, noise reduction and lubrication.

Compared with the piston machine, there are fewer wearing parts and a lower failure rate. The working curve of the screw air compressor is stable, the vibration is smaller than the piston machine, and the noise is low. Cooling methods are generally divided into: water cooling and air cooling.

Heat dissipation system: Adopt plate-fin structure and high-quality materials to ensure the pressure resistance of the cooler, high heat dissipation efficiency and good corrosion resistance. Air filter: heavy-duty, multi-stage air intake filter, dust removal accuracy of 1um (filtration rate 98%), large working surface, relatively long service life.

Oil/Gas Separator: The new generation of separators uses new filter materials with higher efficiency, and the oil content of the air is less than 2 ppm. Intelligent controller: The control panel displays all the operations and related data of the air compressor, and the control between the fingers is simple and convenient.

The screw air compressor drives the compression assembly at a speed through a transmission system. No maintenance is required during normal operation. The original compressor design of the screw air compressor saves unnecessary maintenance costs. All components are designed for long service life and are equipped with a large inlet filter.

Oil filter and fine separator to compress air quality. All oil filter and separator components of all models up to 22 kW (30 hp) can be opened and closed centrifugally, reducing maintenance time. "Accelerated Service Point" can complete maintenance work within a few minutes, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


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